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We are a family of professionals dedicated to providing the best plan that Los Roques can offer to travelers.

After boarding an aircraft at Simón Bolívar National Airport, just a 30-minute flight away, you will be flying over the southern barrier of Los Roques Archipelago, and in a few minutes, you will be landing in Gran Roque, the capital of the archipelago.
Gran Roque is the largest island in the archipelago, with sandy streets and no vehicular traffic. Approximately 2,800 people live there, and around 47 guesthouses provide accommodation services to tourists. You will also find the main headquarters of Besa Los Roques, where you can enjoy all the adventure sports services that can be done in the archipelago.

As you fly over Los Roques, you will get an idea of how beautiful the days to come will be. You will be able to enjoy crystal-clear waters with cays of fine white sand as soft as talcum powder. 340 sandbars and over 18 islands to visit are the center of attraction in this marvelous park. You won’t want to return to civilization.

For more information on flight reservations, guesthouses, and sports activities, please contact our Booking department, and we will be happy to develop a customized package for you to fully enjoy your stay in Los Roques.


These are some metrics of our services since our beginnings

kitesurfing courses

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paddle tour

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Easy to learn and very enjoyable, the Paddle Board offers you the possibility of exploring remote places where nature takes control of our surroundings and can only be described as magic. Crystalline calm waters, mangroves and lagoons that are the breeding grounds for a huge amount of marine fauna in the Caribbean come to life in this park. Besa los Roques offers a simple and practical school plan, with a unique hour and a half course, where we guarantee your enjoyment even if you have not had previous experience in this sport.


Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the simplest and most enjoyable activities that you can do in the Archipelago. Many of our keys have shallow coral barriers and are excellent for practicing this activity. We recommend that you contact a local guide through Besa Los Roques for greater enjoyment and safety of the activity. We assure you a unique experience in places that can be considered the most beautiful reef sanctuaries in the Caribbean.


Besa Los Roques has a team of internationally certified instructors trained to teach all modalities of this sport, Freeride, Foil, wave and Freestyle. All our courses are certified and we have different adjustable plans to suit you.

If what you want is to sail, our waters will be an unforgettable experience. With more than 250,000 hectares of park, enjoy the services of kite safaris guided by routes already explored so that you can have close contact in the park with one of the greatest biodiversity in the Caribbean.


Legend has it that 90% of the beauty of this park is underwater. More than 30 immersion places with different characteristics and state-of-the-art equipment make diving an activity that you cannot miss on your next trip to Los Roques. The Besa Los Roques team will make this experience so pleasant that we are sure that diving will be part of the rest of your life.

You will be able to progress as a diver starting with an Experience or Diving Initiation to other certified courses such as Open Water, Advanced Diving, Stress & Rescue and Master Dive.


Besa Los Roques has a tandem jumping operation under reservation. Organize the plan with your friends and enjoy being able to see the Los Roques Archipelago from 13,500 feet and land in Madrisquí, one of the most beautiful keys in this park, where you will enjoy a good atmosphere and music throughout the day.


Los Roques has a very wide diversity of fish and this makes it a fascinating place for sport fishing both within and around the archipelago. Los Roques is recognized worldwide as one of the best water plains for the practice of Fly Fishing and the capture and release of the Mouse Fish (Bone Fish) and is visited every year by sport fishing professionals. With more than 350 sandbanks, crystal clear waters and the best fishing guides, you will have an unparalleled plan of contact with nature.



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